Frequently Asked Questions

How would I or my child benefit from a comprehensive evaluation?

To identify learning strengths and weaknesses, to document current academic skill levels, and identify specific accommodations if needed for work or school.

When should an evaluation be done?

It is important to find out how an individual learns so effective interventions that strengthen self-esteem and promote success can be designed. In addition, high school juniors and seniors are encouraged to undergo evaluations so that more current documentation is available to them if needed for work and/or post secondary settings.

How long do the evaluations take?

Typical evaluations last three hours. Some evaluations can take less than two hours to several hours (scheduled across multiple days) depending on the referral question, the type of evaluation, and/or the stamina of the client.

Following the evaluation, how long before the report is complete?

Following a typical evaluation, the evaluation report will be completed and sent via email (password protected) in a week to 10 days. Some evaluation reports can take about a week longer.

Who will conduct the evaluation?

The evaluation is completed by Dr. Sammons. Unlike some clinical settings in which technicians are used, Dr. Sammons conducts the entire evaluation. As an experienced and trained clinician, Dr. Sammons is able to modify and/or adapt the evaluation according to the client’s needs.

What are the fees for a comprehensive evaluation?

Evaluations: $2800
IQ/Gifted Testing: $600 - $800
School Readiness: $1200
Consultations: $200 (per hour)

*Payment is due at the time of the evaluation

Payments Accepted: Debit/Credit cards, cash, check, HAS/FSA card


Due to ongoing difficulties with insurance authorization for evaluations and the increasing restrictions on the types of evaluations covered, our office is no longer accepting insurance.

Some insurance plans do offer out-of-network benefits that will reimburse a percent of the fee you pay for the evaluation. Our office can provide you with information on how to contact your insurance to determine ahead of time what percent of the evaluation fee you may be able to get reimbursed.

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