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Learners of all ages can benefit from a variety of evaluations to assess cognitive, linguistic, academic and social/behavioral/attention skills. Dr. Sammons works closely with parents, educators, learning specialists, and physicians to accurately diagnose and effectively treat children, adolescents, and young adults with learning, developmental, and behavior difficulties. As a licensed psychologist specializing in neuropsychology, she is uniquely trained to provide a variety of services for individuals in school, with an emphasis on learning and behavioral supports.


During the first appointment, the psychologist will meet with the parents or guardians of your child/adolescent. This is typically done through an online appointment. The psychologist will obtain background information about your child, review information from the Intake Form, listen to your presenting concerns and develop a plan of how to best evaluate your son or daughter. It is helpful to bring information to this appointment, such as relevant medical records, previous reports, and educational records (e.g., report cards, IEPs). If you are an adult representing yourself, the appointment will be with yourself (and you may invite a parent to attend as well).

During the second appointment, your child (or adult) will be evaluated. The evaluation consists of a wide range of intellectual, academic, neuropsychological, and psychological tests. The evaluation appointment usually takes from two hours to three hours (generally from 9:00 to 12:00). On occasion, more time is required and an additional one to two hour appointment will be made.

During the final appointment, a follow up meeting is scheduled (approximately one week following your child’s evaluation) in which the evaluation results are presented to the parent/guardian. A written report will be provided, which includes individualized recommendations and accommodations that can be implemented at home and in the classroom. Reports can be taken directly to the child’s school to assist in their education.

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